Murrica is black and white

I announced this was going to happen, there is going to come a post by myself which is showing my first #blackandwhite pictures So here we go, exploring Venice Canals and Venice Beach, the Skatepark… One thing you should never forget when you’re arround LA there’re going to be cars, Weiterlesen…


Back to Venice

Some of you had the pleasure to experience it themselves for the others, I’ve been to Austria in July/August for 2 Weeks which caused a major delay in Blog Posts, picture gathering and so on. That’s also why it took me approximately 2 months to post the pictures taken in Weiterlesen…

#devil's punch bowl

#Devils #Punchbowl

You Remember my last post? When I was driving to the Desert? On my way back home I was like: I haven’t seen to much yet, almost desert only so I stopped at @Devils Punch Bowl. What I recognized first was: You have a marvelous view on the moon there 🙂 Weiterlesen…


#Desert #Adelanto

A few weeks ago I went to Adelanto, there’s the Southern California Logistics Airport a friend of mine who was doing #thespeedproject this year ran past that on his way to Las Vegas, there are several thousand cars parked, new cars. I was curious to see that so I got a Weiterlesen…