16. August 2018

#NewYork big city life


So I met with a friend in New York, like meet half way or something. So we met at Abrahams. He’s way more friendly to visitors than the other guy with the big building, I try not to remember his name and face… And now for the obvious, if you visit a real city like New York you’re going to see plenty of real big buildings! Most of them to big for your lens, whatever lens you’re using, maybe it’d workout with a fisheye… And there’re some buildings you might wonder what they stand for, like the nest one, honestly, when I saw this building I was like Holy what…

14. August 2018

#Devils #Punchbowl

#devil's punch bowl

You Remember my last post? When I was driving to the Desert? On my way back home I was like: I haven’t seen to much yet, almost desert only so I stopped at @Devils Punch Bowl. What I recognized first was: You have a marvelous view on the moon there 🙂 There was no lunar eclipse and from what I know you do not need to wear any special glasses to take a look at the moon, while the president doesn’t need some at all even if it’s a eclipse of the sun… I liked that little guide, he was showing me around the trail, very kind, and as you saw…

21. Juli 2018

#adelanto #desert #getmeoutahere


First starting with some pictures from adelante trip, that didn’t make it to last weeks post, don’t know why. This looks to me like a buidling that collapsed, but to be honest I did not further investigate it and I have no idea what it is. Near the building I found a fridge, it was empty, at least from what I could see… but clearly when you have a BBQ in the desert you need to cool your beer and stuff right? While above is clear, someone had a barbeque and maybe shot the grill once it was finished, why the two tires are with the grill, that might be…

18. Juli 2018

#Desert #Adelanto


A few weeks ago I went to Adelanto, there’s the Southern California Logistics Airport a friend of mine who was doing #thespeedproject this year ran past that on his way to Las Vegas, there are several thousand cars parked, new cars. I was curious to see that so I got a car and got there. Unfortunately you cannot get a good view on the cars as the fence is covering them… But I found something else… And this was not the only set of couches in that desert, there were others! Dimitri explained me that most probably people were out there to have a party from the picture I can see…

13. Juli 2018

#SantaMonica #Venice #FlowerFestival


I was searching for Sweatshop free and organic Boxer Shorts in Santa Monica and got the advice to try Flower Festival in Venice at Rose Avenue. The person might have thought, go to the flower festival fucking hippie… Okay let’s start with a Picture one week before the Flower Festival this guy might as well have been part of the festival right? I really expected some other music at the flower festival, as it seemed like a Hippie Festival, I somehow expected music like Neil Youg, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, but not that, it was random Disco Music. I met Wes there he lives right around the corner,…

5. Juli 2018

#LosAngeles #GriffithObservatory #selfietimeeveryone


I have been to the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. Saturday afternoon, don’t do that, really, trust me, believe me, the traffic to get there, it’s huge, it’s great, that’s some traffic the Austrian hasn’t seen… So big, it would have taken me the same amount of time to ride 20 miles on my bike as driving them with the car. Imagine it’d take you about 90 Minutes from Graz to Gleisdorf. You could go to Klagenfurt in 90 Minutes right? But I have to admit I did not regret getting there, of course, the weather could have been better, like, the sun could have shined, I guess you can’t…

29. Juni 2018

#SantaMonica #cars #streets #traffic


So you know, it is all about cars, to prove my point here, I gathered some pictures from Traffic, Cars and the streets of Santa Monica/Los Angeles. And Here we go. This picture was taken at the corner Rose Avenue/Main Street. On a normal Saturday afternoon, on the right you can see the tail of a Bird Scooter, they have almost been banned from Santa Monica. I love them, they should help removing some cars, you can grab one of them with an App and start skooting. And yes, they are electrically powered. And of course there are other competitors entering the Market. Another one of those „small“ streets, we…

22. Juni 2018

#BergamotStation #Art in #SantaMonica


So I saw like everything at the pier, no I did not, of course not, there’s still plenty to see and many people to talk to. But I got bored anyway and decided to go around the block to see some Art at @BergamotStation, maybe there would be something exciting right? Maybe even something cheap to decorate the apartment. Okay so there were pictures at Bergamot Station mainly, but I did not take photos of pictures, I think you do not do that, and even if you do it, I don’t see why I should take pictures of pictures. But when I walked around I found some sculptures I thought…

22. Juni 2018

#SantaMonica #Brentwood #Rich and #Richer


when I saw everything at bergamot station I went for another ride with my bike and took pictures of stuff I felt should be shared with you. Whenever I come home from Vienna, there’s that sign „Steiermark das grĂŒne Herz Österreichs“ or something like that. California seems to be green likewise, and they’ve also hills all around. Specially when you come to the rich peoples places. 😉 When I wrote this, there was the economic war started between USA and Europe, Americans love their German cars. I’ve not been into cars back in Austria, but I start to like some cars around here. I have no idea if @Brentwood is…

8. Juni 2018

#SantaMonica #Beach #People #Birds


I’m starting to get a little bit bored… It feels like I’ve seen almost everything I could reach by bike or Skateboard. I should go on a road trip soon, meanwhile I’ve some pictures of Santa Monica for you. That time I were at the beach and there was bread all around, while doves and seagulls have had fights on who’s bread it is there was none left for the homeless. I could not explain to myself how so many bread comes to lie arround at the beach, of course americans do not produce good bread at all, but it’s not that bad, so hou don’t have to feed it…