So I saw like everything at the pier, no I did not, of course not, there’s still plenty to see and many people to talk to. But I got bored anyway and decided to go around the block to see some Art at @BergamotStation, maybe there would be something exciting right? Maybe even something cheap to decorate the apartment.

Okay so there were pictures at Bergamot Station mainly, but I did not take photos of pictures, I think you do not do that, and even if you do it, I don’t see why I should take pictures of pictures. But when I walked around I found some sculptures I thought could be interesting to take a pictore of.



First one is above one, I titled it „hmm…“ as I do not for sure what it’s trying to tell me everything is connected? There are more than two ends? Anyway it looked impressive to me, at the left you can see another thing, that looked fancy, but boring, so it could just as well be a background theme for that one.



white you see another sculpture like the first one and again there’s this „sail“ that was still being fancy but I did not take a picture of. It kind of reminded me of the Atomium in Brussels. Which inspired Haas Haus in Austria to build that sculpture @Großwilfersdorf. So maybe the artist got sponsored by Haas Haus? I guess You will never find out, because even if I do I won’t update you that.




So I did a last shot ans played a bit with focus, so I could do my own exhibition some day. Pictures of stuff with wrong focus. Or whatever, I got to be honest I did not understand everything back there, so I’m hoping my girlfriend will explain all that stuff to me when she will visit me.


L(i)ebt und Arbeitet auf Planet A.

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