1. Juni 2018

#Back in #SantaMonica

And again back in Santa Monica… Let’s finish that film of mine. 36 pictures before I can get it developed. Let’s…. shoot them all on the way to @Rose Photo I then will have some pictures from arround the block… So next to the Appartment there’s @The Water Garden I do not have any idea what’s going on there. It’s a big phat building with some water and green in the center… Of course what else would you expect. So there’s one thing I do not understand here. Americans fear fire, as they have wildfires arround all the time but they have public gas fire to warm yourself up, also note, the…

25. Mai 2018

#Visit from #Austria @Fremont

#startingtobelate When I started google was telling me I’ll arrive arround 7pm so I called my colleague told him I’ll be in @Fremont arround 7pm. I did not think about the need to stop from time to time or have a breek to smoke a cigarett, grab some water, fuel the car… And I did not know that California had so many faces. Here’s one of them. When I arrived it was almost 9 pm. I had to stop more often than expected, after arround 2 hours the service light of „my“ Toyota Yaris iA was lighting up in orange, and I did not have any idea what the car…

25. Mai 2018

#SantaMonica #InternetOddysey


#InternetWithoutPLwouldbenice To get your internet working properly is kind a pain in the ass here. I’ve been told stories that it could be not that easy, but I expected it to be easier. First things first, when I came to the appartment Internet was already working, but not really working. Back then I’ve had like 30% of Packetloss to any destination. So it wasn’t only home to austria, it was anywhere. #Ticketcreation I created a Ticket with the ISP and they sent someone over the next day. We checked the cabling, attached the Laptop directly to the modem, usual stuff. Then he measured the line and there was something like…

18. Mai 2018

#SantaMonica #PhotoSession


#AnalogPhotography Yes I still stick to analogue photograph techniques for several reasons, you don’t do hundrets of pictures of the same spot, so you will not have to delete like 9 out of 10 photos. I inherited an old Minolta i7000 from my grandpa, not the best SLR camera but for me she fits. So on a sunday I decided to pick her out of her box and see what she’s capable for at the other side of the world. #firstuptotheroof First steps first, so I went up to the roof and took some shots north, south, east and west. #letsgoforaride After the first look arround, from seventh floor I…

11. Mai 2018

#SantaMonica #youarewelcome

Santa Monica Pier

#workingabroad It’s been a while now since I entered the United States on April 17th. Yes I’ve been here before and I’ve seen some places before. But no I did not have an idea what to expect, what was going to come, what the next weeks and months will be like. Okay, I knew that there’s a Pier in Santa Monica, I knew that this Pier is well known arround the world and especially to the gaming community, they have seen this Pier in several games. Don’t care which ones GTA5 of course and others. #expectations But what else could I expect? Where would I live? It has been taken…