23. November 2018

Exploring California #partfive


We left at Kings Canyon, on our way back out of there I took this picture. Next Stop: Yosemite. We went there without any preparations and when we arrived we’ve been told it’s famous for waterfalls, but they’re more impressive during spring than during fall as of the melting water. Not too unimpressive anyway. I So this was the first waterfall to be seen by us in Yosemite, and there’s more to come, a lot more to come. Contrary to the image I had of California before this trip there’s a lot of green and also water in California. This River or call it a creek has to be impressive…

18. August 2018

#oneworldtradcenter show me around


Not too may words for that pictures, I took them from inside one world trade center and tried to have a good look at the city, though I got told that the look from empire state is a better one, most probably I should have taken a drone and attach a actioncam to it… And again, more or less the same, but still you can see this city is impressive! and there’s so much green, almost like Graz, when you count courtyards in Graz. I think we’ve seen that before right? Maybe we should use it as a postcard and send it to my friend J├╝rgen? Here’s one I liked….