15. Dezember 2018

Exploring California #partnine #SantaCruz

Let’s start with a picture right away. We finished our drive to Santa Cruz, one of the coolest places around pacific coast highway. So what we were gonna see there was a lot of surfers and water and waves of course. More Surfers some of them doing cool stuff. At least as far as I could rate it. Others not so much, still way better than I’ll ever surf. Yes this is going to be a whole entry with pictures of people surfing. Okay maybe one or two pictures where you could see the ocean and the other side of the bay. And maybe one picture of a ship in…

14. Dezember 2018

Exploring California #parteight #PacificCoastHighway

So we’re done, let’s get home.  Okay, it’s not that easy we’re up north and have to travel to the south now.  There’s going to be a few stops, as Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most impressive Landscapes. Also there are birds, and you all do know that I do appreciate Bird pictures. And there are mor birds, wait what? This ain’t birds, these are kite surfers! There’s also a bridge. Yes there is a bridge, it’s not as red as the one in black and white but it’s a bridge and I figured there’s too little pictures of this angle. Living there must be so nice, weird,…

12. Dezember 2018

Exploring California #partSeven #SanFrancisco

So… San Francisco, I was there a while ago so I decided to take them pictures in Black and White, also a city makes sense being black and white to me. This is Alcatraz, only one person or two or maybe even more managed to escape from this prison. You’ve seen the Golden Gate bridge, haven’t you? Now here it is without too much fog, there was a little fog but really not much. Maybe Climate Change has it’s good effects as well. You couldn’t see the bridge when the wildfires were raging thought… At some point in San Francisco I thought of watching Monk all over again would be…

11. Dezember 2018

Exploring California #partsiox


Despite the tilte, this post is not at all related to native american people. It’s all about Yosemite National Park. Let’s begin with a Gebirgsbach. America is really trying hard to have everything handicapped accessible, as a result you can do hikes with your wheelchair. Also, it get’s real crowded! You may think this is not crowded, and indeed you’re right, I’m gona show you what a crowded hike looksl ike. Anyway, this is about where we were heading On our hike we found some gold, we left it for the homeless people so they could by themselves new houses and stuff. No idea what kind of stone/rock this is…

23. November 2018

Exploring California #partfive


We left at Kings Canyon, on our way back out of there I took this picture. Next Stop: Yosemite. We went there without any preparations and when we arrived we’ve been told it’s famous for waterfalls, but they’re more impressive during spring than during fall as of the melting water. Not too unimpressive anyway. I So this was the first waterfall to be seen by us in Yosemite, and there’s more to come, a lot more to come. Contrary to the image I had of California before this trip there’s a lot of green and also water in California. This River or call it a creek has to be impressive…

12. November 2018

Exploring California #partfour


So here’s where we left last time, at a burned grassland with some partial burned trees And here’s where we were heading at this point, towards yellow grasslands. By the time the view changed a lot, so this is how it looked after a while on the road, we’re getting near to Kings Canyon! We weren’t there yet but we got an idea where we were heading to the view on horizon was changing from hot yellow to cliffy rocks. When we took a closer look we were able to see that those mountains are different, every single one of them looked different. In the next few pictures I’d like…

22. Oktober 2018

Exploring California #partthree


So… where did we stop? Exactly we were on the Road With all those other cars in Sequoia national park, there was some roadwork which led to motorcades in the national park, I had to take a picture, to give you a feeling how f****** big this national park is. #big?So to give you a feeling of Sequoia it is 1634 in square kilometers, compared, Vorarlberg has 2600 square Kilometers, so if you added Wien 414 square Kilometers and another 5 times Graz 127 you’ll have Sequoia. Here’s more of what this all is about. I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles… Sequoia is by the way not…

18. Oktober 2018

Exploring California #parttwo


so… it’s been a while, again… So let’s start off where we left… on the road to Sequoia National Park. Let’s start with a easy one so right before you enter Sequoia National Park there’s a River with one of the oldest bridges America has seen it crosses the Kaweah River and it was built in 1922. And right at the River there’s a restaurant where we had some breakfast and a nice view at the ducks living there, so called „wildlife“. So we entered this national park and we were impressed right away! Because what we were going to see was nowhere what I expected of California to be!…

28. September 2018

Exploring California #partone


So I was exploring California with my girlfriend for about 3 weeks, to be honest we did not spend all 3 weeks on the road, you know, jetlag and stuff, also there’s a lot to show in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Venice and so on… So in this and other related blog posts you will read about traveling California: Los Angeles, Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, Yosemite National Park, San Francisco and of course the Pacific Coast Highway. One of our first trips brought us to the Bendix Building and the Mexican Market in Los Angeles. This picture describes perfectly what I hear a lot when answering the…