12. Dezember 2018

Exploring California #partSeven #SanFrancisco

So… San Francisco, I was there a while ago so I decided to take them pictures in Black and White, also a city makes sense being black and white to me. This is Alcatraz, only one person or two or maybe even more managed to escape from this prison. You’ve seen the Golden Gate bridge, haven’t you? Now here it is without too much fog, there was a little fog but really not much. Maybe Climate Change has it’s good effects as well. You couldn’t see the bridge when the wildfires were raging thought… At some point in San Francisco I thought of watching Monk all over again would be…

27. September 2018

Murrica is black and white


I announced this was going to happen, there is going to come a post by myself which is showing my first #blackandwhite pictures So here we go, exploring Venice Canals and Venice Beach, the Skatepark… One thing you should never forget when you’re arround LA there’re going to be cars, no matter where you are. If you think you found the most beautiful spot, just give it a few moments and it will be more beautiful as there will be some black cars on the white bridge. Okay this is one of my first lessons I learned when doing bwphotography, it doesn’t matter if the bird has a different color…